ABB PowerValue UPS Australia

The Single Phase UPS for Critical Business Applications.

Cost effective uninterruptible power supplies for protection of your small to medium business assets.

Protect What's Important

When you lose power,

EVERY second counts.

In the event of a power outage, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) keeps your business online.

Sized to suit your application, the ABB PowerValue range provide market leading performance and the thinnest power module available.

More Power, Less Space.


Advanced protection for IT equipment from 1 to 10kVA rack mount UPS or tower unit.

ABB PowerValue UPS options

Rack and tower convertible with 90-degree rotating display.


Tuned for use with modern IT loads with output power factor up to 1.0 (kW = kVA).


Flexible configurations for extendable runtime using external battery modules.


Minimises energy losses with best-in-class double conversion efficiency up to 98%.

Power is knowledge.

Knowledge is power.

The ABB PowerValue UPS range is compatible with a full range of connectivity devices and accessories. Each unit is compatible with Simple Management Network Protocol (SNMP) network cards that feature an onboard web server.

Connect your uninterruptible power supply to your local network and access the integrated UPS monitor and dashboard. Gain meaningful insights regarding the power running your business equipment.

ABB PowerValue Single Phase UPS Dashboard


Low power IT and building applications.

Small Offices

PCs and Workstations

Entry-level Servers

NAS & Networks

ATMs & Vending

CCTV & Security

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The full range of PowerValue UPS equipment is supplied and serviced by Power Protect Pty Ltd.


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About ABB PowerValue UPS

Why do I need an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is used to protect critical loads from AC mains supply issues including, over-voltage spikes, under-voltage dips and complete loss power by drawing on its internal or external battery system. A UPS system can also be used to provide power to a load whilst a standby generator is being started up.

What are power outages caused by?

Power outages occur when the normal AC supply is interrupted. They can be local or as far back as the point of generation. Examples include faulty supply wiring, local overloads tripping circuit breakers, trees falling on power lines, substation failures or Energy Suppliers load-shedding due to excessive demand.

What size (kVA rating) UPS do I need?

The UPS output capacity is measured in both kVA (kilo Volt Amps) and kW (kilo Watts). The UPS size is matched to the size of the critical load. Typically, the UPS capacity is slightly oversized to allow for future additional loads.

Example: A Server Power Supply draws 650W. An ABB PowerValue 11RT 1kVA is chosen as it can supply 1000VA or 900W which is slightly larger than the load.

Should I choose a rack mount UPS or tower configuration?

The ABB PowerValue RackTower UPS is designed to fit neatly in a standard 19” Rack. The UPS and Battery Modules have optional Rail Kits available. One Rail Kit is required for each unit to be mounted.

Where a Rack is not available, the standalone Tower configuration is used. The ABB PowerValue Rack/Tower UPS come standard with mounting feet.

How long is the ABB warranty period for PowerValue UPS?

The ABB PowerValue warranty period is 2 Years advance ship replacement for both the UPS and Battery Modules.

Can I receive alerts if something goes wrong with my UPS?

The ABB PowerValue UPS systems have an optional SNMP or Relay Card available for remote monitoring.

Why are ABB PowerValue UPS better than the competition?

PowerValue UPS are built to ABB’s exacting quality standards and offer service support across Australia. They are hard to beat on price/performance.